Monday, November 9, 2009

So as I was riding to downtown Chicago this past weekend I saw an ad for this company...Seguin...hahah REALLY!?!?

Details taken from :

About Seguin Services
Seguin Services is a not-for-profit agency that offers programs that enable children and adults with disabilities from around the country to fulfill their dreams of happiness, productivity and independence. Children with severe emotional, behavioral and medical challenges are living with Seguin trained foster parents through Seguin's foster care program. Educational services coordination helps children reach their highest potential. Supports are available for those who want to adopt a child in need of a permanent home.
Seguin's job developers work with local employers to find adults with disabilities employment in the community. Job Coaches support each participant at the job site.
SeguinWorks is a group of enterprises founded to provide jobs for people with disabilities while securing revenue for essential social services. Participants can hone their skills in preparation for seeking employment in the community.
Classes are provided that are designed to help people with disabilities reach greater independence and confidence in their everyday lives.
Community Integrated Living Arrangement homes that Seguin supports represent a secure future for adults with disabilities. They can enjoy life enriched with family, neighbors and friends in beautiful, fully wheelchair accessible homes in welcoming neighborhoods. Seguin owns 62 residential facilities in 21 communities throughout Chicago's south and western suburbs.
Our headquarters are located in Cicero, Illinois, at 3100 S. Central Avenues on the corner of Central and 31st Street near Ogden Avenue. Seguin has an annual budget of approximately $20 million and provides daily services to approximately 300 adults and 161 children (people under 19 years of age). Seguin employs over 600 people, of whom nearly 500 (83%) are direct care workers serving Seguin clients.

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