Thursday, November 5, 2009

I so want to stay at this CASTLE!!!

So when I finally make it to France I am totally going to stay here. Its a castle south of Paris. Below is the article I found taken from the website:
Castle in France
If your aspirations are a little grander, perhaps a castle in France is more your speed. The 900-year-old Chateau d'Alogny has been spruced up since its earliest days, and now boasts a modern kitchen, satellite TV, and under-floor central heating. With five bedrooms and four bathrooms, the castle sleeps 10 people comfortably. Located just south of the Loire Valley between the cities of Tours and Poitiers, there's plenty to do nearby. Split between 10 people staying for a week, the nightly rate comes out to $44 to $75 per person, depending on the season.
The Château d'Alogny is a hilltop castle, small and romantic, lying south of the Loire valley. A private home, it is located midway between the historic cities of Tours and Poitiers. It is surrounded by intriguing gardens and terraces. The large, private swimming pool commands outstanding views over the surrounding countryside.
Begun in the time of William The Conqueror (XIth Cent) Alogny's buildings today date mainly from the XIVth Century. While fully preserving its medieval ambience, it is both welcoming and comfortable, with all modern amenities.
For almost a thousand years the Château d’Alogny has dominated the valley of the Creuse, where the historic Touraine and Poitou regions meet. Standing on a wooded bluff overlooking the river, it enjoys breathtaking panoramic views across the surrounding countryside.
On the lawn in front of the château, a great megalithic standing stone or menhir provides mute testimony to the fact that this has been revered as a sacred site for over ten thousand years.
Alogny is located near the attractive spa town of La Roche Posay, which has been famous since Roman times for the healing properties of its medicinal waters. These waters are still valued today and our visitors too can enjoy luxurious massages, facials, and other therapeutic treatments. La Roche Posay skin care products are highly regarded and are sold around the world.

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